Short Bio

Imagining works of art from rust, wood and iron.


Creation is personal. Going public is terrifying. Allowing others to see the "cool" of the creation and actually desire a piece must be euphoric, unforgettable, but again, terrifying. I lean towards rust, towards debris, towards the unwanted and when they all collaborate together; the outcome is a piece that stands on its own.


Born into a creative family of artists, writers and dinner table comedians, I was the youngest of five children, shy as hell but competitive. I’ve always had patience and possessed the ability to sit and pose for my mom for endless hours as she created her next piece to satisfy her hunger. Born in 1928 and graduating from high school, she saw art school in her future; her father, on the other hand, did not. After passing in 2021, and recognizing her local accolades and her pride in entering art shows in the community, I felt the need to share what she passed down to me. At the least, I owe her that. 

Creating works of art from rust, wood and iron is what makes me. Some pieces work before they even get created and others, although, to me, unbelievable and Smithsonian-ish, would not be able stand on their own for more than two seconds. The works presented here do take a stand and were derived from simplicity. Mom, I think I did good. 

A little about myself…Born in 1963 into a neighborhood of fun in Western Mass, never taking school seriously and, at times, learning that was not the best philosophy. I eventually graduated from UMASS, Amherst as an Electrical Engineer (now, retired and loving it). Married in 2005, to of all things, an artist, to whom I owe all my inspiration and rocketing support. 

Resume / CV

Compendium, George Marshall Art Gallery, York Maine. November 2022. Exclaim! selected.

23rd Annual Joan L Dunfey Exhibition, New Hampshire Art Association, Portsmouth NH. November 2022. Odesa selected.

Breaking Ground: Art about the Earth, AnnMarie Sculpture Garden, A Smithsonian Affiliate, Solomons, MD. February - April 2023. Last Stand selected.

Pop Up!, Maine Art Hill, Kennebunk, ME,  Swennes/Ouellette team to showcase sculpture and color. August 2023. Multiple works.

New Works, River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta, ME. February 2024. Tough Lick selected.

Metamorphosis: Recycled, Repurposed, Reimagined, AnnMarie Sculpture Garden, A Smithsonian Affiliate, Solomons, MD. February - April 2024. Big Wave selected.

38th Annual Omer T. Lassonde Exhibition, New Hampshire Art Association, Portsmouth, NH. April 2024. New Day Rising selected.